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"You get insurance for it, but you never expect that your house will burn down in the middle of the night. This is when we found out how truly amazing SSK is. Not only did they coordinate and make all necessary calls for us (before dawn on a Saturday morning), they continued to call just to check on us for months after. Even though it was a horrific experience for our family, the rebuilding of our lives went much quicker than anyone could anticipate. For that we are extremely grateful."

- Poem Pitzer

ATVs and the like are NOT always automatically covered!


Do you own recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, personal watercraft, aircraft, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs), golf carts, and other types of motorized vehicles for leisure time enjoyment?

Although most individuals and families have a personal auto and homeowners policies, these policies do not contemplate the exposures or activities that may be associated with the use of unusual, often expensive miscellaneous vehicles or craft that individuals and families use for recreational purposes.

There are many limitations and exclusions in policies that apply to on-road and off-road vehicles, watercraft, hovercraft, and aircraft.  Make sure you have the proper coverage by contacting your insurance agent!

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